Quick prototype project for customizing the TCP layout
(too old to reply)
Paul Licameli
2017-06-15 16:03:14 UTC
Look at what I did in this branch in my fork.

Add a "Customize" menu item to the track menu, which allows you to permute
the sequence of items. So you could put the text items where you please.

It is interesting for Wave track and Note track with
EXPERIMENTAL_MIDI_OUT. Not so much for the other two types.

This does not yet write preferences so that the changes survive restart of
the program.

I did not implement deletion of items, but that would not add much
difficulty. So you could delete the text items as you please. That
difference between Dark Audacity and master could be chosen dynamically
rather than hard-coded.

I do not intend to elaborate this for 2.2.0, but it is one example of
something that became quicker to do with some of the recent refactorings --
not the big recent thing about clicks and drags, but the smaller side
project of describing the track panel layout by a table rather than a

An elaboration might include a palette of other optional items you could
drag into the layout. And we might devise a plug-in protocol for adding
items. It would be an interesting exercise to spin off the simple text
lines as plug-in items, then define novel information items, like duration.