Updating procedures for other developers
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Paul Licameli
2017-07-20 13:20:39 UTC
Steve suffered some confusions making a build on Mac that were my fault,
because the proper procedure for making more modifications to wxWidgets
changed last December but I wasn't aware of it. Also mac/Build.txt is in a
contradictory state as I explain below.

I only lately saw here,


that James made more changes to our modified wxWidgets source tree, mostly
intended for Windows.

When I made my own changes last summer, I thought that updating the patch
files in our own Audacity source tree, and mac/Build.txt to list the patch,
was enough to do. And I made another recent fix to our wxWidgets simply by
changing one of those patch files.

But at commit 0d5cb77e3d08fc20dd2c81faa04325427e088b3e Build.txt was
changed by James and no longer lists the patches.

Yet it still says this,
In the instructions below, Xcode 4.3.3 (for the 10.6 SDK) and Xcode 8.1 will

be used. Fuller instructions that cover

* Using other Xcodes

* Optional signing of DMGs

* Applying wxWidgets patches one by one

can be found on our wiki at

which I think is obsolete.

We should recommend the use of patch files, or of a certain source code
tree at GitHib, but not both, and the patch files should be removed from
our Audacity source tree.