Officially semi-frozen
(too old to reply)
Paul Licameli
2017-07-18 17:13:19 UTC
I am making it official, that the time is up for any submissions to version
2.2.0 that are enhancements and not fixes of errors and omissions.

In particular, no more new commands in menus.

Thus translators and Manual have something stable to work on.

Theme images shouldn't be changed either, for the good of Manual, but I am
holding out an exemption for the matter of new button and slider mouse-over
highlighting, which make transient changes that I think don't need to be in
any manual screenshots.

User-visible strings (those in the code inside the XO() or _() macros) may
not now be changed, unless there is a very strong reason to correct some
bad spelling and grammar. I haven't managed the translations before, but
it looks like it could be possible to repair the many .po files with a
global search and replace of the changed English key string, not needing
the translators themselves to do any work. But let's hope we don't need to